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FES Training in Galway

As part of Phase 1, the Foundation Energy Skills Course (FES) was held at Partel, Passive building supplies in Galway. It is important that not only Public bodies are included in the training of the FES course, but private companies are also involved.

partel logoPartel – are a company based in Galway City promoting and distributing passive building products to the construction market, launching a range of natural and ecological insulation, ventilation, and airtightness systems to the Irish market, aimed specifically at the low energy building sector. They pride themselves on delivering training and have a background in Engineering, Architecture and house building. The company was founded by Hugh Whiriskey in 2011.

Emmet Nee from Partel, is the trainer for the Galway course which ran from October-November 2015 as a day option. The available places were quickly filled. The attendees came from differing trades of carpenters, plasterers, bricklayers, electricians and plumbers, while others are site supervisors, building assessors and inspectors. This range of professions and trades created an exciting and vocal group with great experiences and knowledge between them.

There was also demand from building construction workers (BCWs) to pilot an evening delivery with a 1 day demonstration on a Saturday. In Phase 2 an evening option will be provided which would accommodate those who could not take time off work and complete this training course in the evenings. To avail of this course click on

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So how did the BCWs find the course?

It is well known that many people find it difficult to attend a training course after leaving school early or have bad memories from school. Taking this into account the initial day started with introductions and reviewing problems within a house. This gentle approach “broke the ice” within the class creating a relaxed atmosphere.  The afternoon was a little more intense with discussions and ideas on the principles of energy and building.

View the gallery of posters covering the topics: airtightness, thermal bridging, ventilation and comfort within low energy building by the BCWS:

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The BCWs found the demonstration day very informative with hands on activities using air tightness tapes and understanding insulation materials and correct detailing. Emmet demonstrated how to provide air tightness around window openings and services. The final day in the classroom built on these activities and the importance of ventilation was emphasised. Communication, awareness, responsibility and team work are important factors which were carried through the entire course.


There was full course attendance and everyone actively took part in discussions and class activities. By the end of the course many of the attendees built up strong relationships with each other and have built on future connections within the construction industry.

Remember to avail of this course for FREE on Phase 2 click on HERE and register (provide proof of work such as a copy of the safe pass card)

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