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FES Pilot Training Courses Phase 1

The training course, Foundation Energy Skills (FES) was carried out at a number of venues Nationwide by various trainers already trained on the QualiBuild Train the Trainer course.

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Below you will find a brief summary of each course. we also asked the construction workers what they thought of the course and any suggestions on how the FES course could be improved.


FES Training completed in Cork

Although the feedback from the participants was excellent it was a shame that the courses was not fully attended. These courses can accommodate 20 construction workers, unfortunately the numbers in both evening and day deliveries were significantly below these levels. The Cork FES courses were held at the Cork Institute of Technology, CIT, campus with the Trainer Sean O’Keeffe delivering the course. Sean completed the QualiBuild phase 1 of the Train the Trainer course and was chosen to carry out this training.

It should be noted that applications for Phase 2 of the FES course is now open and hopefully we can get more Cork and Waterford construction workers on this course. To apply click on HERE

The course includes classroom activities using videos, group discussions, poster work and demonstration work.

Cork day Cork evening

FES attendees at Day and Evening Cork.

It is fine understanding what is required for low energy building, however it is also important to know how to provide efficient and successful communication on and off site between all trades and professions. This is an extensive course and fits all levels of expertise, whether you are classes as general operatives, craftspeople or site supervisors/foremen.

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FES Training in Dublin

The course takes a hands-on approach to learning, with classroom activities using videos, group discussions, poster work and demonstration work. It is not an academic course, so do not expect essays or long written assignments, however there is some writing (or drawing) required. Remember pictures can paint a thousand words!

IMG_1135 IMG_1118

There is a blended delivery of a mix of classroom and demonstration work to help the construction workers:
  • identify why we need to achieve quality low energy building
  • investigate what is needed in quality low energy building
  • how can quality low energy building be achieved

After the completion of the course we asked the construction workers a few questions.

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FES Training goes to Limerick

The course was full with 20 attendees all from different walks of life, running their own companies or carrying out various specific trades on site.

Many are carpenters, plasterers, bricklayers, electricians and plumbers but others are site foremen and building assessors or inspectors. This range of professions and trades created an interesting and vocal group with great experiences and knowledge shared between them.


The building construction workers (BCWs) in the South west of the country called for an evening delivery for Limerick with 1 day in Cork for the demonstration day. This allowed for work to be continued during the day as many of the construction workers were extremely busy. That is great news for the Munster area!

READ MORE about the course and how the construction workers viewed the course.

FES Phase 1 in Galway

Emmet Nee from Partel, is the trainer for the Galway course which ran from October-November 2015 as a day option. The available places were quickly filled. The attendees came from differing trades of carpenters, plasterers, bricklayers, electricians and plumbers, while others are site supervisors, building assessors and inspectors. This range of professions and trades created an exciting and vocal group with great experiences and knowledge between them

2015-10-29 09.32.11 IMG_3091

There was also demand from building construction workers (BCWs) to pilot an evening delivery with a 1 day demonstration on a Saturday. In Phase 2 an evening option will be provided which would accommodate those who could not take time off work and complete this training course in the evenings. To avail of this course click on


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