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Train The Trainer

About the Train the Trainers Programme

The Build Up Skills Ireland roadmap identified trainers as being key to bridging the knowledge gap that exists in relation to low-energy buildings.  A specific Train the Trainers programme has been developed, and validated to address this need.  The aim of this Certificate in Training in Low Energy Buildings is to up-skill trainers of construction related craft apprenticeship in low energy building technology and standards and the delivery of training on the fundamental principles of this subject area to construction workers.  This will equip such trainers to train new and exist building construction workers on low energy buildings and contribute to Ireland meeting relevant energy targets in relation to sustainable buildings.

Programme Modules:

The programmes consists of 4 modules on Building for Energy Performance, Building Fabric, Building Services and Pedagogical Approaches.  Details of the Modules are shown below.  The Programme carries 20 credits (ECTS) at Level 7.

The programme includes a mixture of class room, site visits and blended learning activities and is delivered over a 5/6 month period.

Module 1: Building for Energy Performance

The aim of this module is to provide the learner with knowledge of the context for the recent changes in emphasis in the construction sector towards energy performance of buildings, and the significant moves towards low energy and near zero energy buildings. This includes details of changes to building standards related to energy performance that have occurred since 2002 and their implications for the skills required for implementation onsite.

Module 2: Building Fabric

The aim of this module is to provide the learner with knowledge of the underpinning principles of building fabric technology in low energy buildings and the methods by which its performance is measured

Module 3: Building Services

The aim of the module is to provide the learner with knowledge of the factors affecting energy usage and efficiencies for heating, lighting and ventilation systems in buildings. This includes an overview of the renewable technologies that may be deployed as alternative energy sources for heating and electricity.

Module 4: Pedagogical Approaches to Course Delivery

The aim of this module is to enhance the learner’s current knowledge and skill as a trainer, to facilitate effective delivery of course content in Low Energy Buildings by Blended Learning. It covers techniques in lesson planning and design of activities that accommodate different learning styles geared to enhancing learner participation.

Phase 1 – Train the Trainers Now Completed:

Phase 1 of the Train the Trainer programme has been completed, via IT Blanchardstown and Sligo IT.

Over 50 trainers participated in the programme, in Dublin and Sligo, which began in November 2014 and finished in March 2015.

Phase 2 – Train the Trainer started in September :

The programme for Phase 2 of the programme started in September 2015 and will run till March 2016.

The course will be carried out over a 6 month period to allow time for the trainers to complete the classroom training, site visits, attend workshops and complete their assignments

Entry Requirements:

Participants on this programme hold a National/Advanced Craft Certificate or equivalent (Level 6) in construction related trade or Higher Certificate (Level 6) in a Construction Related Discipline and have a minimum of two years’ experience in the delivery of construction related craft apprenticeship training or equivalent.  Equivalence is shown by evidence of delivery of four training courses in a related field. Applicants needed to provide two verifiable references to this effect.


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