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Quality Building

Are you thinking about renovating your house? Or is a new build in your future?

You mightQuality_Building be hearing different advice from everyone – from your family and friends, your neighbours, and also from the builders you are asking for quotes.  How can you figure out what’s right for your project?

The QualiBuild team have developed an e-book to help you through this journey – we have articles about various elements of energy-efficient building, a glossary of terms so you can understand what your designer or builder are talking about, as well as handy lists of what to consider and what to ask your builders and design professionals.


Download your free e-book here



If you are interested in some of the individual sections of the e-book, you can download the pdfs here:

What is Quality Building

What does Insulation do

Thermal Bridging

Issues of Moisture and Condensation

How Windows help your House stay Warm

Airtight Construction

Getting Ventilation Right

12 Tips for a Better Quality Renovation

Terms to Know for Quality Low Energy Construction

What to Know about Building Regulations


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