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New Foundation Energy Skills Courses opening for 2017

The Foundation Energy Skills Courses (FES) are running again this year, starting in Galway.

If you are interested in attending the FES course take a look at the proposed venues. HERE

Why take this course?

This course is for ALL Building Construction Workers and will provide a Single Subject Certificate in Introduction to Low Energy Buildings.

There is a need for a change in approach to deliver low energy buildings which involves the concept of ‘Systems Thinking’ to enable all trades to work together more efficiently and effectively and develop the understanding of Quality Building.

The course is divided into 6 units and will be presented and discussed over a 5 week period either over 2 days/1 demo day or over 4 evenings/1 demo day

So take a look at the FES Course

The course is intended to provide the know how and practical information for building construction workers to improve their skills in Quality, Energy Efficiency, Best Practice and System Thinking.

This FES Course presents an opportunity to:

  • Focus on Quality and Energy Efficiency of new and retrofitting constructions and challenge the way building construction workers work, process and understand the end goal (system thinking).
  • Focus on how to carry out best practice construction and develop higher expectations in Quality and Workmanship (ie what is acceptable work).
  • Focus on improving communications and engagement between professionals (architects, engineers etc.), builders, craft workers, trades and clients.

If you run a construction company it will inform your workers on changes to the building regulations and raise awareness on the benefits of quality low-energy buildings. Therefore providing a more streamlined building process.

So take a look at the FES Course

and add it to your CPD learning programme on the CIRI Training Programme

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