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Building Owner – Commercial

Quality building for your commercial property means that the tenants and occupiers of the building have a comfortable, healthy place to work.  This is achieved through a good design or retrofit that takes into account the energy efficiency of the building, including decreasing energy demand, and increasing the energy performance of the whole building.  This future proofing of your building means that the increase in energy prices will have a lesser impact on you and your building users, and will allow you to lease or sell your property past the 2020 reduction in energy target deadline.

Search for competent contractors

By using the Construction Industry Register Ireland, CIRI, the public will be provided with a list of construction companies, sole traders and builders who have demonstrated they are competent, experienced and meet the other eligibility criteria. Although this registration is presently voluntary since March 2014,  it will be made mandatory for all contractors to register on CIRI in 2015.

You can search for contractors on the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) website click here.

Developing Quality Buildings

The QualiBuild programme, which was established in November 2013 as part of wider efforts to create employment in the sector and to assist Ireland in achieving the EU 2020 energy efficiency target, is also working with Governmental Departments and relevant agencies on its proposal to make it a requirement for all Irish construction workers to undergo such training and up-skilling at a National Level.

QualiBuild is an initiative to add transparency to the building sector and to improve standards by providing training for those employed in this sector and a register for those who want to employ an approved level of craft worker.  The core aims of QualiBuild are to Upskill, Train and Improve across the construction industry. Read more

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