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What is a Foundation Energy skills course and why should I take it?

The Foundation Energy Skills (FES) Programme is a new Continuous Professional Development (CPD) course specifically designed for building construction workers on site. It is aimed at all levels to inform workers on why energy efficiency is important and how to make sure that their own work on site is contributing positively to the energy efficiency and quality of the build.

New building regulations set very strict requirements for energy efficiency of buildings. These will radically change the way we think and build. Every person on the building site needs to understand their role in how to properly comply with these new regulations and understand the importance of energy efficient quality buildings.


What will I learn through the Foundation Energy Skills course?

On completion of the FES course you will have learned the following:

  • What low energy is in the context of buildings
  • Where building details go wrong, and what Best Practice techniques prevent this from occurring
  • How to apply the building techniques for low energy quality construction, and how to deliver healthy, comfortable buildings.
  • How your own work affects the work of other trades and vice versa.


How will taking a FES course help my work?

Along with up skilling, to ensure your work complies with the new (and forever evolving) regulations, this course is an additional indicator to your potential customers that having you on site will help deliver a good value, low energy building.


Registration of Construction Contractors (CIRI)

Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) is a new on-line resource to help all those who wish to engage competent construction companies, practitioners and builders.

CIRI has been set up to help members of the public find competent, experienced construction practitioners.  Prior to the establishment of CIRI there was no way for the Irish public to distinguish construction companies, sole traders and builders who meet these standards from those who don’t.

By using CIRI the public will be provided with a list of construction companies, sole traders and builders who have demonstrated they are competent, experienced and meet the other eligibility criteria.

To be on CIRI construction companies, sole traders and builders must comply with the building regulations and an industry code of ethics, they must prove their tax compliance and they must meet the health and safety regulations relating to the construction industry.

Although this registration is presently voluntary since March 2014,  it will be made mandatory for all contractors to register on CIRI in 2015. It makes sense to register now and be prepared for the change!

To apply to join the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) click here.

The Construction Industry Register Ireland is being set up by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) in consultation with the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government. To find out more about the Construction Industry Federation click here.

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