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Budapest, 8th EU Meeting Exchange Build Up Skills.

QualiBuild attended the 8th EU Build Up Skills meeting exchange in Budapest, Hungary.

Build Up Skills is a European research program aimed at up-skilling the construction industry across Europe in particular construction workers. It has financed with European funds 28 projects which have been presented coordinated and carried out by national partnerships. QualiBuild is the Irish BUSI Build Up Skills Project.  It has addressed issues of energy efficiency in buildings, sustainable construction and the competences and qualifications of construction workers to carry out quality low energy building. Build Up Skills is central to the critical issue for achieving the goals of reducing emissions and energy saving set in community strategies from climate and energy policies 20-20-20, strengthened by the approved agreements on a global level with Cop21 Paris 2015.

Training for energy efficiency and sustainable construction. An opportunity for QualiBuild and the Irish Construction Industry.

On the 2nd- 3rd June in Budapest, Hungary the 8th EU Exchange meeting involving over 70 experts from 26 countries of the EU or associated, discussed with experts of the European Commission, in four technical working groups, TWG, on several common issues.

  1. How and with what financial resources can we support the training action plans for construction workers in individual countries and throughout Europe.
  2. How to ensure that the training provided by the worker in the country is also recognized in other European countries, with benefit to the business system.
  3. How to make effective training infrastructures, materials and methods and develop homogeneous training on innovation and energy efficiency. Using in-depth workshops dedicated to the theme of “Cross Craft understanding” (soft skills and on-board) has become more and more crucial in a complex supply chain.
  4. How to relate to a construction market that has changed significantly over the years, requiring quality and superior performance for quality residential buildings taking into account management, costings and procurement strategies. How to engage and consult with consumers, such as building energy certification or identify the skills and competences of those working in the construction / supply chain systems.

As part of the technical working group (TWG 1) on sustainability and financing of EU projects, discussions and presentations were carried out on 5 countries: Ireland, Italy, Greece, Estonia and Hungary. It was concluded that many of the countries have similar issues regarding training, how to subsidise training, accessibility to training and how to encourage workers to train and up-skill on a voluntary basis or carry out continuous professional development, CPD.

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Lis O’Brien from LIT also presented and discussed QualiBuild, its issues, its successes and in particular its national roll out. QualiBuild was represented using videos and poster designs creating an interactive presentation and discussion. There is great interest in QualiBuild from other EU projects especially as it nears completion and great support is provided by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government, SOLAS and ETBI, all important to establish a solid training programme.

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