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12 Tips of Christmas (part 2)

It’s cold outside, and not much warmer inside!

12 tips to make your house more comfortable by next Christmas

Last week we talked about insulation – today, lets talk about your windows!

Are you regretting not taking action over the summer to make your house more comfortable? Are you shivering in your house with your family snivelling and huddled together in the warmest room with hot water bottles and blankets? Time to plan for the new year – why not turn your house into a warm, bright and comfortable home that is also good for the environment? Over the next three weeks, we will be presenting you with the 12 tips of Christmas, so you can create a brighter, healthier warmer home for 2015.


5. If replacing windows buy the best windows. Triple glazed windows are not much more expensive than double glazed. You will notice how much more comfortable it is to sit beside these as even in the coldest weather the inside surface of the glass stays warm.

6. Make sure that your windows are properly sealed to walls with proper airtightness tapes. Don’t let the installer tell you that squirting foam all around the window will make them airtight. It won’t. Not much point putting in great windows if cold draughts are coming in all around the perimeter of the window.

7. If replacing windows at same time as installing external wall insulation, make sure the windows are moving out to be in line with the insulation so that there is not a gap.

8. Consider increasing the level of daylight in your house. This will increase your sense of wellbeing. Roof lights are relatively easy to install and can make a great difference to your house.

Check back for tips 9-12 next week. In the meantime, keep warm!

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