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12 Tips of Christmas (part 1)

It’s cold outside, and not much warmer inside!

12 tips to make your house more comfortable by next Christmas

Are you regretting not taking action over the summer to make your house more comfortable? Are you shivering in your house with your family snivelling and huddled together in the warmest room with hot water bottles and blankets? Time to plan for the new year – why not turn your house into a warm, bright and comfortable home that is also good for the environment? Over the next three weeks, we will be presenting you with the 12 tips of Christmas, so you can create a brighter, healthier warmer home for 2015.


  1. Plan it right. Before you start, think about how each element, roof, walls, windows and floor link up to create one cosy continuous unbroken warm coat for your house. How will the wall insulation connect to roof insulation? Remember if you went out on a cold day with a warm jacket but no trousers you wouldn’t feel very comfortable either. (Not to mention the funny looks!)
  2. Get your wall insulation right the first time. Don’t skimp. You might want to consider external insulation rather than internal insulation. This means you don’t need to redecorate internally and is also better at ensuring that there are no gaps in insulation where the internal wall meets the external wall.
  3. When insulating your attic remember you need to maintain the ventilation to your roof timbers. You don’t want to be replacing your roof because of rot caused by moisture because of blocked ventilation.
  4. The insulation in roof, walls and floors needs to connect. Even small gaps or spaces between insulation seriously affect its performance and you don’t want to have wasted your money.

Check back for tips 5-8 next week. In the meantime, keep warm!

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